The Journey Brief

Overall Project Brief

Select a journey, it should be full of interest; texture, colour, pattern, depth of field, contrast, shapes and views. Explore different stages of the physical journey to create a series of work inspired by this experience.

It will investigate through; photography and visual studies, drawings, collage,  referencing, ceramics, textiles, printing, computers and 3D.

Individuality and independence are vital.

3D Brief:


  • A3 design sheet, bound as a sketchbook, with appropriate front cover
  • Full size models of initial ideas
  • Full size prototype Zoetrope using appropriate and resilient materials, mounted on a post and displayed in the college sculpture garden.


  • The journey and its images
  • Representation; techniques employed to create the images
  • Resilience; robust enough to withstand outdoor conditions
  • Conclusion; evaluate its success

Digital Imaging Brief:

Learning Outcomes

  • The use of materials and resources to develop techniques
  • Develop and adapt digital imaging ideas creatively
  • Create, present and evaluate final digital imaging items


  • A way of covering learning outcomes is through making a show about your journey project, whereby the show is both the developmental work and final piece simultaneously, this allows you to use narrative and make something filmic and sequential incorporating sound proving it fits the learning outcomes.

Textiles Brief:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use materials and resources to develop textile techniques
  • develop and adapt ideas creatively
  • Create, present and evaluate final textile items.


  • This project is about applying the skills and knowledge that you have acquired in previous terms. The theme is journey and is split into 2 parts: location and studio. Individuality and independence is vital.

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